ULab help - login with ULab Authentication

ULab supports various options with logging in, particularly if you are from a large organisation where you my already use signle sign on (SSO).  If you or your company haven't arranged this with us, you can stil login using our in-build authentication.  Once you have registered, you can use your ULab username (usually your email address), and password to login.


To login to ULab with ULab Authentication:

  • go to the ULab home page at https://www.ulabequipment.com
  • click on the login button

login link on ULab home page

This will open the login page. 

login form

 On the login page:

  • enter your username (usually your email address)
  • enter your password
  • click the login button

Your username and password will be checked and if they match, you should then be logged in.